How to Support Soft Star Magazine

Running this magazine as a small team has been an immense joy. However, it isn't cheap, and so far I (Miranda) have been covering all costs myself. Those costs are mostly comprised of printing and postage costs for contributor copies of the print issues. If you’d like to help out with operating costs, consider one of the following options:

Upgrade to a Paid Subscription

Soft Star is now offering tiered subscriptions! That means that your options for involvement in Soft Star Magazine are expanding. If you choose to become a paid subscriber, 100% of your subscription contribution goes back into the magazine in the form of printing and postage costs for contributor copies of the print issues, as well as our Canva subscription and essay contest prizes. Your support helps keep Soft Star free to access on Substack and allows the print issues to keep coming!

The tiers are as follows:


Free subscribers will receive all contributor posts in their email inboxes. This includes all fiction, nonfiction, and poetry that is published on Soft Star. You’ll also receive all important announcement emails (like theme and deadline announcements).


Paid subscribers to Soft Star receive all free-tier content plus:

  • Access to monthly-ish letters from the editor (yours truly). These Month-in-Review posts will cover a variety of topics — recommended reading, short essays related to the current issue’s theme, previews of print issues in progress, polls and opportunities for feedback, and more.

  • Access to digital PDF versions of every print issue published during your membership.

  • A free sticker from the Soft Star store.

  • Free print copies of every mini-zine published during your membership.

Becoming a paid member means getting a glimpse into the inner workings of Soft Star. All contributors published on the website receive complimentary access to paid subscriber posts.

Founding Member

Founding members receive all of the above content, plus:

  • A free physical copy of every issue published during their membership.

Upgrade your subscription

Purchase a Physical Copy

Physical copies of every print issue are available for purchase through the Soft Star Shop on Ko-fi! For a lower-cost alternative, you can also snag stickers and mini-zines from the shop.

Buy a Coffee on Ko-fi

This is the easiest and most low-commitment way to help out Soft Star! Contribute once or set up a monthly donation on the magazine’s Ko-fi page.